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Customer-facing Senior Project Manager for Columna CIS 


Contribute to healthcare IT solutions that make a difference
The position is based at our Aarhus office and falls under Systematic’s Healthcare business unit. As Senior Project Manager, you will become part of a well-established department for our electronic health record (EHR) product Columna CIS, which we supply to hospitals in the three administrative regions in west Denmark with over 60,000 people using the solution on a daily basis. Columna CIS provides a clear and simple overview of a patient’s course of treatment while supporting the documentation of clinical tasks. The solution covers handling medicines, clinical measurements, notes and treatments, as well as providing an overview of the patient’s medical history, diagnoses and contacts in the health service. The solution also ensures coherence between clinical documentation and patient administration needs. Over the years, the solution has been developed in collaboration with clinical users to support their work in the best possible way.

A key player in the organisation
As our new customer-facing Project Manager in Columna CIS, you will be responsible for planning and managing projects in close collaboration with customers, subcontractors and our own delivery organisation. You can expect tasks that range from implementing small changes to larger deliverables. You will also work closely with our Support & Maintenance organisation to ensure that the EHR system functions reliably and efficiently for our users. In short, you will be the customer’s point of contact for all delivery-related questions.


As a central player in our organisation, you will be responsible for tying together all the health-related business between the customer and Systematic. This requires close collaboration with Systematic’s account team, which includes an Account Director, domain specialists and Architects as well, of course, you. You will be responsible for ensuring that deliveries to the Danish administrative regions are of high quality, on time and meet customer expectations, and you will play an important role in bringing together all the threads and ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.


Among other things, your tasks will include:

  • analysing, planning and managing deliveries so they are on time and to the agreed budget and quality in collaboration with relevant parts of the organisation;
  • preparing project agreements, project statuses, risk analyses and other relevant project material for use in matching expectations and communication with the customer;
  • communicate both oral and written IT-technical solutions to customers in collaboration with domain specialists and Architects;
  • spearheading the preparation of changes, quotes and solutions in collaboration with the customer and with input from internal stakeholders;
  • ensuring the implementation of tests and trials.


One task that is likely to account for much of your time in future is your ability to manage the strategic collaboration between the customer and Systematic. You will play an important role in realising some of Denmark’s ambitions within the health sector, which will require someone who is able to collaborate and run projects across organisations.

Experienced and business-oriented Project Manager for whom strong relations are a key focus
If you are thinking about applying for the job of customer-facing Project Manager at Systematic, CIS, several qualities will make you the perfect candidate for the job. First, it is crucial that you are good at building relations and collaborating with customers. Second, it is important that you have a flair for sales and business development and that you thrive in a job with many varied tasks. You must be able to maintain a clear overview and be punctual with regard to planning, management, follow-ups and communication.

In addition, you stand out because:

  • you are a strong communicator, both orally and in writing, and you are able to document your meetings, project status and project agreements clearly and precisely;
  • you know your projects well and deliver by the agreed time and to the agreed quality and budget, and you assume responsibility for the financial aspects together with the customer; 
  • you have a proactive and self-managed approach to your project portfolio and are able to drive the preparation of changes in collaboration with the customer and with input from internal stakeholders.


Furthermore, you must be able to speak Danish and English fluently, and you thrive in an international working environment.


We work with security-classified projects and therefore, as a Systematic employee, you must have a clean criminal record and have lived in a NATO/EU country for the past seven years. Additionally, you must be able to obtain security clearance when working in our Defence Business Unit. Please read more here:

Ready to take the next step in your career?
If you have any questions or require more information about the job, please do not hesitate to contact us at +45 8943 2000 and ask for Martin Rea, Director for CIS.

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