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Systematic - IT Solutions for critical decision making in demanding situationsSystematic - IT Solutions for critical decision making in demanding situations

Create Impactful Software Solutions as a Skilled Senior Developer


Thrive Professionally with a Leading-edge Software Company
Join our team at SitaWare Insight, a leading software product that is transforming data collection and management for commanders at all levels. With modern technologies like AI, we simplify complex processes and empower commanders to make informed choices. Be part of a company that is revolutionizing the defence industry!


Discover Our Talented Team of Tech Experts!
Our dedicated team consists of highly skilled professionals who are committed to delivering exceptional products. With nearly 30 systems engineers, architects, and testers divided into four SCRUM teams, we collaborate effectively to meet our customers' demands. We have team members based in Denmark and Poland, fostering a strong employee culture that encourages support and knowledge sharing. Collaborating and developing together in the same physical location is important to us, with regular travel between Denmark and Poland. Our goal is to cultivate a happy and committed work environment. As we continue to grow, we're expanding our team in both Denmark and Poland, maintaining global collaboration. Join our dynamic work environment and be part of our exciting journey!

Make an Impact Every Day as a Senior Developer
At SitaWare Insight, we highly value the contribution of our Senior Developers, as they play a pivotal role in our success. As a Senior Developer, you will be at the forefront of designing and implementing critical software components, actively shaping the continuous expansion and improvement of our product. Your expertise and skills will be instrumental in maintaining our position as the market leader.

In your role as a Senior Developer, you will engage in a variety of daily tasks that are essential to our software development process. These tasks include:

  • Implement high-quality software which makes a real difference for our customers
  • Lead the agile software development and continuously improve how we work 
  • Develop and document code according to agile principles using Angular, Java, and other relevant technologies
  • Run the full test cycle together with our dedicated testers to ensure the high quality of our product


By fulfilling these responsibilities, you will directly influence critical decision-making processes and contribute to maintaining the high quality of our product. Your work as a Senior Developer will make a tangible difference in the development of our cutting-edge software solution.


Are You the Ideal Candidate?
To excel in this role, we are looking for candidates who:

  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in software engineering.
  • Bachelor's degree in electronics or software development (Master's degree preferred).
  • Proficiency in front-end development using Angular or similar frameworks.
  • Expertise in backend development using Java or similar technologies.
  • Familiarity with Docker, Kubernetes, microservices, and message queues.
  • Knowledge of technologies and frameworks including Angular 14 (TypeScript, SCSS), Java 17 microservices with Spring Boot, Docker on Kubernetes with Istio and Helm, Kafka, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, Prometheus, Grafana, Gradle, Bazel, Linux, Bash scripting, TeamCity, Bitbucket, and JIRA.
  • Understanding of cloud-native components and deployment environments.
  • Fluent in English with excellent communication and strong teamwork skills.
  • Proactive, eager to learn, and deeply passionate about software development.


Other information

  • Location: Our team is based in Denmark and Poland, with collaboration and occasional travel between the two locations. so you should expect 2-4 weeks of travel per year.
  • Working Environment: We foster a supportive and collaborative work environment where your contributions are valued and encouraged.
  • Career Growth: At SitaWare Insight, there are ample opportunities for career progression. Our software developers often advance to roles such as Senior Feature Leads, System Engineers, SCRUM Masters, and Architects.
  • Conditions: We work with security-classified projects and therefore, as a Systematic employee, you must have a clean criminal record and have lived in a NATO/EU country for the past seven years. Additionally, you must be able to obtain security clearance when working in our Defence Business Unit. Please read more here: 


Practical Details:

  • If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to reach out to us at +45 +45 8943 2000 and ask for Allan Carstens, Senior Project Manager, Defence SitaWare Insight Program. We're here to assist you.
  • We are actively reviewing applications and encourage you to apply without delay. Take the next step in your career by submitting your application today!


Don't miss this chance to work with modern technologies, transform data into valuable information, and be part of a talented team that is making a difference. Apply now and unleash your potential with SitaWare Insight!



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