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Tactical Trainer


Do you have the courage to try your hand at civilian business, while at the same time using all the experience you have gained in Bundeswehr? Are you ready to take on new challenges and bring your military skills into play in an area that involves implementing a commercial-off-the-shelf battle management system in the defence forces? If you answer yes, you now can take the chance to join the training and consulting team in our Cologne office operating in the international market.


Tactical training and knowledge transfer
Systematic enables Bundeswehr personnel with the best possible, technical, tactical and operational skills using SitaWare, so that administrators, instructors and users are able to make the most of the software's values and benefits. Technical personnel must be trained in deploying and maintaining the system and operational personnel must be trained in using existing standard operating procedures using SitaWare – i.e. in a tactical and operational framework.


At the same time, Systematic transfers as much knowledge as possible to the Bundeswehr in order to enable the military personnel to integrate SitaWare into their training structure to gradually assume full training responsibilities, e.g. military training instructors, who afterwards train end users and technical personnel to deploy and maintain the SitaWare system in the field.


You will be responsible for:

  • Design, plan, deliver and evaluate training in compliance with the educational guidelines and standards applying for Bundeswehr.
  • Design training in close cooperation with Bundeswehr through scoping studies and preparation of a training needs analysis, which will form the basis for the training to be delivered.
  • Preparation and maintenance of training materials, including production of e-learning materials, subject training plans, lesson plans and the overall training execution plan.


You will be a member of the on-sites training team in close connection with Systematic’s project manager for the project, and it is your responsibility to encourage and inspire both the members of the training team and the Bundeswehr personnel, who undergo training.


Furthermore, you will be closest advisor and mentor on all aspects of command and control for the project organisation of the Bundeswehr as well as operational and training structures. This includes advising and guiding Bundeswehr on how SitaWare is best used technically and tactically when deployed to the operational structure from vehicles over battalion command posts, brigade command installations and headquarters to task force and joint headquarters.


You will also be prepared to advise and support Bundeswehr during the preparation and execution of multiple tactical level exercises where SitaWare is used for the Bundeswehr to have the best possible opportunities to exploit the tactical and operational values of SitaWare.


You will refer directly to Systematic’s Senior project manager and will participate in project meetings between Bundeswehr and Systematic. To establish and operate training you will also arrange working groups with our customers to align and coordinate training.


About You
You have a background as an Army officer with the rank of Captain or Major and expect you to have tactical experience from the officer’s education as well as solid tactical and operational experience through your service in the operational structure.


You are a good and experienced instructor with a special ability to build mutual trust. You are certified in using and applying the standard principles of military learning and structure according to the Bundeswehr educational guidelines and “Kompetenzorientierte Ausbildung”. Based here on, you are able to construct training according to the performance, conditions and standards applying for designing, planning, delivering and evaluating training.


You must have technical flair and an interest in learning the technical solution behind SitaWare to be able to advise and guide Bundeswehr. We expect you to be fluent in written and spoken German & English.


Generally you have:

  • vast leadership experience and possess the skills and the will to act on a stage where you need to convey a message and create results as a leader and an advisor without having command of the training personnel, but you can achieve results through the building of trust and respect.
  • excellent analytical skills, and you have excellent communication skills both verbally and in writing.
  • It is desirable that you have experience from international operations, service of battalion staff and / or brigade staff, and that you have served in combat or combat support units at command level.
  • As a person you are out-going and structured and strive at the optimal solutions but possess the ability to seek compromise.
  • You are a real team player with the nerve to stand strong and defend your principles, but you do have the ability to accept decisions and work towards a common goal although decisions may fall out against your principles.
  • You are open-minded and a positive and optimistic character. You have an extremely high degree of readiness, and you see changes as just another challenge.


Because we also work within security classified projects, all Systematic defence personnel must have a Secret security clearance or be eligible to apply for one. Read more here:




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