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Senior Object-Oriented Full Stack Developer in the Defence Industry


Bucharest, Romania.


Get Challenged


If one or more of the statements below matches your ambition, then we are certain we can challenge you and offer you a job that uses your experience to the fullest in the entire development process:

  • “I wish more people would listen when I share my knowledge”
  • “I wish the manager would just let me do my work”
  • “I wish that I could get sparring on my job from peers that match my skills”
  • “I wish my quality mindset was more appreciated”
  • “I wish my job made a change in the world”
  • “I wish my job would give me new challenges regularly”


Responsibilities and tasks


As a senior full stack software engineer in IRIS in Systematic, we can make all those wishes come true. Currently, we are in the process of building up a new team in Romania in our development center and are looking for an experienced software developer that wants to be part of building the team that will consist of different levels of experience and therefore you are expected to share your vast experience from previous jobs.

  • In IRIS we believe in freedom of responsibility and with your experience, it is believed that you can take responsibility for the tasks given and deliver them, through the structured development process that is used in Systematic, to a satisfactory result without much interfering
  • We work in a field where bugs in the software can be fatal and therefore, we are very quality-aware which means that all work we do is thoroughly tested and no code goes into production until it has been peer-reviewed by very experienced colleagues and sparring happens daily.
  • With your experience, it is expected that you understand the necessity of documentation as well as the value of estimation and as soon as you prove capable you will also partake in peer reviews and in charge of implementing new functionality


Our products


  • To put it shortly there are no defense missions in the western world where our products aren’t used. The IRIS suite consists of products that help interoperability around the world. Interoperability basically means two nationalities or systems can communicate with each other. NATO has defined standards for how to communicate with each other between nations in a series of templates. Our products assist NATO in creating those templates as well as ensure the correctness in their usage out in the operational field. Without our product, the communication between various nations would be more cumbersome and fatally error-prone. More than 100.000 users rely on us in critical situations.
  • Apart from being a standalone product we also integrate into one of the worlds leading command and control system where we support visualizations of the templates on maps as well as ease of use of the templates.


The technology stack


In the IRIS suite the technology stack is wide and working on IRIS means you will more than likely encounter a technology that you are not familiar with but will learn through practical use. Our current technology stack is the following languages:

It’s not important for us which technology you already know if you are a strong programmer that understands the mindset of software development.

  • Java
  • C++
  • C#
  • JavaScript


What to expect


As mentioned above you can expect to learn new languages, we often talk about in the team that we get a new job with the same team every year. The oldest part of the product suite is 30 years old and the newest is a couple of months. This means as a developer on IRIS you will both work with legacy systems and maintenance of such but at the same time there is constantly added new features and the ratio between frontend and backend is 50/50. In the periods where you are familiarizing yourself with a new language, you can expect a friendly atmosphere with the entire team willing to help you progress.


The Team


As said in the beginning we are currently looking to build up the team in Romania and you will be part of a team that consists of:

  • 9 developers (located in Romania, Denmark, and the UK)
  • 1 architect (located in Denmark)
  • 2 testers (located in Romania and Denmark)
  • 1 project manager (located in Denmark)


What we expect from you


As your experience as a senior is viewed as vital for our growth the following personal and technical traits are expected from you (some more than others): Technical:

  • 5+ years of experience
  • Bachelor from a technical university
  • Experience in building a team is a plus



  • A good programmer and find it fun to learn
  • You enjoy sharing your knowledge and collaborating on solutions
  • Quality is something you think about from start to finish of an assignment
  • Pragmatism and business acumen – you understand the business side and find solutions in that area
  • Communicative – you speak up when you have something on your mind
  • Sociable – Work gets dull if you don’t have time to have fun with colleagues
  • Responsible – You take responsibility for your work and feel pride in it


Practical information


  • Travel may be expected – approx. 2 weeks per year, including a visit to our Headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark
  • We will be assessing applications on an ongoing basis as we wish to fill the position as soon as possible.
  • We work with security classified projects and, as a Systematic employee, you require security clearance. For more information about security clearance, please visit:
  • If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact Alice Durbaca, Senior Recruitment Specialist ( for more information about the position.
  • Read more about our recruitment process and what we value in a CV and cover letter here:


Since we wrote our first line of code in 1985, privately owned Systematic A/S has grown to an international software house with more than 1000 colleagues with 27 different nationalities, spread across offices in 11 countries and with customers all over the world. Our goal is simple: To improve the world with exceptional software. We deliver software and system solutions for customers within the public sector, the health sector, the defence, the police, the financial sector and the service sector and there are more than 1.000.000 users’ worldwide. We work on a foundation of trust, where we have freedom and responsibility for making decisions in our everyday lives. We are dedicated to making a difference and dare to challenge technology, each other and ourselves. As a new employee at Systematic, helpful colleagues welcome you, and you can look forward to both a mentor arrangement and all the support you need. Together, we can develop and fulfil your potential and make Systematic even better. 

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